Morally Compelled To Share

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by: Lolemeir C. Egos

Moral obligation is the name given to duty that arises from conscience rather than law. It has been said that, there are two kinds of obligations/duties. Those that are founded on natural rights or laws, and the obligation to be charitable which can never be enforced by law.  The latter is the kind of obligation which one owes to perform the act of goodness because he/she feels the need of doing it and not because he/she is legally bound to fulfill.

Sharing or charitable work has become the most common playing field of the so-called moral obligation and carried-out by dutiful and pious individuals who are into civic actions and social enterprises.  They are morally compelled to share the bounty that they have to other people, especially to the less fortunate, as they consider themselves funnel of blessings.  On the other hand, there is that another type of obligation that are legally compelling.  Paying taxes for example, can be considered as sharing but are legally bound to fulfill.

The Social Enterprise of 1ASAPPP Movement is a type of engagement among individuals who sincerely feel the moral obligation of sharing after they received the goodness brought by the Dok Alternatibo advocacies.  After the experience of benefiting the solutions provided by the advocacy, they have now the opportunities of returning-back the goodness to their fellowmen by joining the social enterprise program and their active participation in the said program will prove their genuine intention of helping others at the same time, an appreciation of the hundred-folds blessing they are receiving.

Organizations with passion of helping other like 1ASAPPP Movement (Social Enterprise Program) are reasonably self-sustaining because of its nature and typical value that is innate among its members- charitable.  Hence, it’s common to this type of organization to implement civic programs and institutionalize sharing or contribution mechanism just to attain goals and program objectives.  They find pleasure in sharing what they have and feeling more blessed upon doing the act of charity.  Apparently, this is true as proven by the common experience among philanthropies where there’s a reciprocating effect in giving and it fueled their inspiration to sustain the undertakings.

1ASAPPP Movement, thru its social enterprise program, is a showcase of the professed morally impelled organizations.  This young yet prolific group of natural healing advocates, has portrayed the real essence of charity.  Members of this organization have proliferated the learnings and earnings they acquired in joining group such as; good news about natural healing, life experiences, money, time and skills.  They did not limit their involvement in what they have benefited from the advocacy, but the organization has trained them to return-back the goodness they experience by sharing the great experiences of healing to other people, providing hope to the despair and help free downcast spirits.  Its Social Enterprise Program has become the avenue for doing not only charity, but also trade where they have the opportunity to earn (financially) in spreading the advocacy.  Thru its monthly obligation (MOD), members have (and must) been trained to maintain their good health, good feelings towards life or the positive mindset, and care the underprivileged.  An immediate reciprocating effects were enjoyed by its members thru the freebies, surprise bonuses, and incentives program designed as anchored to the principle of “doing charity in trade”.  After all, members have feel the moral obligation to share as active members of this dignified organization.

Moreover, as an upgrading method of social enterprise, the organization has opened new opportunity for its members to attain immediate benefits to the members (financially) and rapid impact to the society where they belong.  A new business engagement thru distributorship program is being offered to all active members where more people can benefit natural and proven effective products, and earnings can be generated by those members who truly feel the need to help others and themselves.  They are morally compelled to share.